Serving Cobb Youth in  and around surrounding counties since 2001!!!

We are a VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION supporting approximately 1800 athletes!!!
Athletes from ages 4 to 15 years old can join.  Must be 15 years of age on Dec 31, 2020.  
TO JOIN: Find a track club in your area that is a member of the CCYTL league.
Click on the tab labeled CLUBS for participating track clubs and locations.
MEETS: We host track meets each weekend from late February thru early May.  The number of meet sites per weekend will be determined by the CCYTL Board based on total athlete registration counts. 
CHAMPIONSHIP: We will host a championship finale meet for all our member clubs, where team trophies and individual athlete awards will be presented. 
 Enjoy your visit and  feel free to join us as we “Fight childhood obesity through friendly athletic competition”.


Shot Put                               Ages 7-18                 Javelin Throw       Ages 4-15

High Jump                           Ages 9-18                 Long Jump               Ages 7-18    

Standing Long Jump        Ages 4-18                

Athletes can compete in  2- Running & 1-Field or 2-Field & 1-Running event not including (Relays/Hurdles/3000)

Order of Events 2020

4x75M  (4-6 Yr Olds)
4×100 Relay
3000M or 4x800M Relay
Field Events during 3000M
50M   (4-10 Yr Olds ONLY)
100M (4-6 yr olds ONLY)
1600M (7-18 Yr Olds)
Sprint Hurdles(80M/100M) 
400M (7-18 Yr Olds)
100M (7-18 Yr Olds)
800M (7-18 Yr Olds)
200M (7-18 Yr Olds)
4×400 Relay (7-18 Yr Olds)