Any parent/coach or athlete who conducts themselves in an un-sportsmanlike manner at any CCYTL meet will be sanctioned. This includes using profane language, fighting, threats, and any other behavior the meet management team deems unbecoming. The first offense will result in an ejection from the track meet. A second offense will lead to removal from the league!!!

Vaccination Proof may be required at some schools.  Still waiting for confirmation. 

Covid-19 guidelines MUST be followed or you are subject to removal from the Events.  Masks must be worn at all times.  During the track meets parents are not allowed on the field and warm-up area.

Tents can be set up during the sporting events at the top row of the stands/bleachers on the home side or in designated areas outside the track in the grass.  Tents or large umbrellas  can be set up anywhere on the visitors side stand/bleachers.